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Day 203 (by crashbangsqueak)
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jacquelion said: hello i saw that you're following my website or shesjackphotography. I'm going to be posting a lot because I'm not using it as a tumblr, I'm using it as my photography website. I just wanted to ask if you could please unfollow it? :) My personal tumblr is this one I'm asking you with, and i have my 365 tumblr jacquelion if you'd like to follow it. :) Thank you!!!

Hello :)

I’m following your flickr for a long time because i really like your style and works, and recently i followed some of your tumblr or other website that i’m not sure because i wanted to keep in touch with your new works, cause i saw that you’re doing a new 365 project, so i guess i’m following most of your websites. So i’m not sure what website do you want me to unfollow and what do you want me to follow :O

Just tell me those that i can follow and i will :)

And once again, you have very creative ideas and it’s always a pleasure do see your new photos! xx

Sara Hu

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